A pro-life mother’s perspective on Judge Edna Staudt

“A charge frequently leveled at pro-life supporters is that we fight for the pre-born and then forget about them afterwards. Let me introduce you to Judge Edna Staudt, who epitomizes pro-life follow-thru.


“Judge Staudt has served as the Williamson County Justice of the Peace for over 23 years. Not only is Judge Staudt a tireless defender of the pre-born, she is a tireless advocate for teens here in Williamson County.


“When Judge Staudt founded YMCA Teen Court 22 years ago, her purpose was two-fold.


“First, it gave young people in Williamson County an opportunity to learn about our justice through hands-on participation. At Teen Court, young men and women learn the art of jury deliberation as actual jurors. They also learn the roles and serve as court clerks and bailiffs. Once they have demonstrated proficiency in those positions, these young leaders earn the opportunity to train and try out for roles of prosecuting and defending attorneys. Experienced student attorneys are allowed to train and try out to serve as the actual Judge, presiding over sentencing deliberations in very real, Class C misdemeanor cases involving juvenile defendants.


“Second, Teen Court grants a second chance to real-life teen defendants. These juvenile defendants who have had actual court proceedings with Judge Staudt may then have their real case adjudicated tried in Teen Court, with a real, binding consequence handed in by the jury. Defendants who complete the sentence may and then have their fine waived or reduced and their record cleared. What a wonderful example of both justice and mercy! This is exactly what citizens should expect from their justice system.


“As a mother whose children have participated in Teen Court and as a voter in Williamson County, I am very, very pleased with how Judge Staudt has performed in her role.


“I appeal to you, my fellow voters, make the effort to vote today and re-elect Judge Edna Staudt, the only Republican Primary candidate who shares our values.” –  Noel Adams


Judge Staudt values the unborn and is pro-life

Judge Edna Staudt
Endorsed by
Texas Alliance for Life



Defending and upholding the Constitution

Judge Staudt’s reputation “for being tough but fair” earned her the respect of law enforcement* and ordinary citizens alike. She equally respects those who daily put their lives on the line to preserve your peace, the rule of law, and your rights guaranteed by the Constitution.


Judge Staudt will continue her intense, unrelenting fight to eliminate unjust programs that kick citizens when they are down. One of those is the mis-named and unjust “Texas Driver Responsibility Program”. This scheme was hatched and passed by the Texas Legislature in 2003. Even its lead author, former Representative Mike Krusee, has stated, “I think it’s past time to either revise or repeal the program.”


Judge Staudt publicly called out this tyranny for what it is: “The main problem with this program is the withdrawal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which is the purpose of government. The role of government is to ensure everyone has those liberties.”


Endorsed by law enforcement

Judge Edna Staudt
*Endorsed by the respected
Round Rock Police Officers Association


Campaign 2018

When one election cycle ends, another begins.  People could get overwhelmed by all the elections, or they could be glad they have a voice in who will make decisions that affect their lives.  Our freedom to choose our leaders was bought with a heavy price.  It is our duty as Americans to protect and maintain that freedom.  All the signs and advertisements are better than the alternative.

Campaign 2018 is up and running with candidates raising money, supporters, and volunteers.     Soon it will be time to vote again!

Judge Edna Staudt

As my campaign for re-election in 2018 begins I  start with an event at the Cedar Park Recreation Center on April 27th.  Friends and family are all welcome.  We’ll have a great time of fellowship, food, and live music.

It is my desire to continue to serve the people of Williamson County and the great State of Texas.  There are many challenges as Justice of the Peace, however, I look at challenges as opportunities.  Many organizations, individuals, and churches have joined me in meeting those challenges.   A great staff, family, and friends have supported me and I am grateful.  I am blessed.

Thank you for visiting, and come back again!

Judge Edna Staudt


2nd Amendment Rights

The right to protect myself is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

The right to protect myself is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Thomas Jefferson wrote “The strongest reason for the people to keep and retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”   The Texas Republican Party Platform states its strong agreement with the Constitutional right to bear arms.

Judge Staudt teaches students to prevent shattered dreams

The Shattered Dreams Program is hosted by a local high school each year. Along with local law enforcement and emergency services, Judge Staudt participates in this effort to help educate and motivate young men and women to drive responsibly.


Students act out the irresponsible acts of drinking and driving which result in a crash. Some victims are killed and others injured.  This sobering program encourages students to make wise choices that ensure their lives and promote public safety. Partnering with the schools to provide this message is just one of the many ways Judge Staudt gives back to our community by encouraging safety and preventing dreams from being shattered.



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