Leander/Cedar Park area students prepare to serve as judge, jurors and attorneys

“All rise! The Williamson County YMCA Teen Court is back in session!”

Returning and new students ages 13-18 are invited to attend the September 7th Teen Court orientation for the 2019-2020 school year. Orientation will be conducted from 9:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. at the Twin Lakes YMCA (Cedar Park) under the supervision of professional attorneys, law enforcement personnel, YMCA staff and parent advisers.

Students in the Teen Court program learn courtroom procedure first hand, as well as study and assume the roles of juror, jury foreman, bailiff, clerk, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, and judge.

These young men and women preside over sentencing and adjudication of real Class C Misdemeanor cases involving juvenile defendants 11-17 years of age. This hands-on training in law, the justice system, and civil government equips students with critical knowledge and skills to be more effective, lifelong servant-leaders in their communities.

The highly-respected Williamson County YMCA Teen Court program is administered by Judge Edna Staudt, recipient of the prestigious 2018 Glenn Shepard Leadership Award.

Students participating in Teen Court gain valuable experience and insights in:

      • courtroom roles
      • courtroom procedure
      • real-life application of justice and mercy
      • state laws
      • consequences of transgressing laws
      • sentencing procedure
      • leadership
      • public speaking
      • critical thinking

Past speakers and presenters to Teen Court students include:

      • Williamson County K9
      • Crime Scene Investigation
      • Supreme Court Justices
      • Texas Rangers
      • Volunteers from Texas Attorney General’s office
      • George Washington portrayed by Mark Collins

Former Teen Court Volunteer Students: In their own words


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Passion for training student leaders

“I was a student in the courtroom of Judge Edna Staudt’s Teen Court for three years.  During that time, I experienced what it was like to be a juror, bailiff, defense attorney, and prosecuting attorney.


Judge Staudt has a passion to teach the next generation of leaders about the inner workings of the American judicial system.  My own understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the courtroom was greatly expanded due to her training.”

Alex Hebert, Former Teen Court Volunteer


Alex Hebert excelled in her role as attorney

Alex Hebert
Former Student Lead Attorney

Judge Staudt’s Teen Court builds community leaders

“Teen Court was a chance for me to make a real and appreciable difference in my community. The program gave me first-hand experience in the justice system I could not have found anywhere else. With that in mind, it goes without saying that without Judge Staudt’s guidance, experience, and expertise, I never would have realized the opportunity to be involved in a program which has, to this day, changed my life for the better.”  Alan Adams, Former Teen Court Student Volunteer


Alan Adams excelled as a student attorney and judge

Alan Adams
Former Student Attorney & Presiding Judge

Judge Staudt inspires military careers

“Judge Staudt provides an amazing asset to the community through YMCA Teen Court. I was personally impacted by her demonstration that we all have a role (and responsibility) to facilitate justice right where we live. Her example inspired me to pursue a career in public service through the military.”  – Luke Adams, Former Student Presiding Judge







A pro-life mother’s perspective on Judge Edna Staudt

“A charge frequently leveled at pro-life supporters is that we fight for the pre-born and then forget about them afterwards. Let me introduce you to Judge Edna Staudt, who epitomizes pro-life follow-thru.


“Judge Staudt has served as the Williamson County Justice of the Peace for over 23 years. Not only is Judge Staudt a tireless defender of the pre-born, she is a tireless advocate for teens here in Williamson County.


“When Judge Staudt founded YMCA Teen Court 22 years ago, her purpose was two-fold.


“First, it gave young people in Williamson County an opportunity to learn about our justice through hands-on participation. At Teen Court, young men and women learn the art of jury deliberation as actual jurors. They also learn the roles and serve as court clerks and bailiffs. Once they have demonstrated proficiency in those positions, these young leaders earn the opportunity to train and try out for roles of prosecuting and defending attorneys. Experienced student attorneys are allowed to train and try out to serve as the actual Judge, presiding over sentencing deliberations in very real, Class C misdemeanor cases involving juvenile defendants.


“Second, Teen Court grants a second chance to real-life teen defendants. These juvenile defendants who have had actual court proceedings with Judge Staudt may then have their real case adjudicated tried in Teen Court, with a real, binding consequence handed in by the jury. Defendants who complete the sentence may and then have their fine waived or reduced and their record cleared. What a wonderful example of both justice and mercy! This is exactly what citizens should expect from their justice system.


“As a mother whose children have participated in Teen Court and as a voter in Williamson County, I am very, very pleased with how Judge Staudt has performed in her role.


“I appeal to you, my fellow voters, make the effort to vote today and re-elect Judge Edna Staudt, the only Republican Primary candidate who shares our values.” –  Noel Adams


Judge Staudt values the unborn and is pro-life

Judge Edna Staudt
Endorsed by
Texas Alliance for Life