Judge Staudt awarded national recognition for leadership excellence

What is servant leadership? Look no further than Leander’s own Judge Edna Staudt for a living definition.

Her embodiment of Micah 6:8 is so compelling that today she was presented the prestigious Glenn Shepard Leadership Award, an honor bestowed upon one individual from a nationwide pool of over 1,000 nominees.

Court staff member Melissa East submitted Judge Staudt’s name for consideration by a select panel which thoroughly analyzes the credentials and achievements of each nominee. The results of their research and decision were manifest in a special ceremony this morning in the Williamson County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, courtroom in Cedar Park. Numerous friends, luminaries and dignitaries were on hand to witness Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tony Moline present Judge Staudt the award and celebrate her well-deserved national recognition.

Melissa East nominated Judge Edna Staudt for the 2018 Glenn Shepard Leadership Award

Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tony Moline presents Judge Edna Staudt the 2018 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award














Judge Staudt is highly respected and trusted by her staff, law enforcement, legal professionals and the community at large. She consistently leads by example in treating  her employees and public with dignity.  She is known for  firmly applying the law with fairness, upholding justice and public safety while demonstrating compassion for those in traumatic circumstances.

Whether adjudicating cases, issuing arrest warrants, handling death inquests or granting emergency protective orders, Judge Staudt conducts her office with professionalism and competency.

In addition to her regular duties as Justice of the Peace, Judge Staudt invests countless hours of her personal time directing mentoring programs, training student leaders through her nationally recognized Teen Court program, advocating protection of the unborn, and teaching teens the value of making wise, life-saving choices. She is also a strong voice against ill-conceived, unjust laws, testifying before the Texas Legislature on the unintended consequences of misguided legislation.

Residents in Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill and northwest Austin can take credit for choosing Judge Staudt to serve them and fellow Texans statewide for the past 22 years.

Judge Edna Staudt is a true role model for servant-leadership. The 2018 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award is but one more well-deserved confirmation of that fact.


Glenn Shepard  is the best-selling author of six books, 13 DVD programs, and 658 published articles. His seminars are now the #1 rated management and front-line supervisory training in America and have been hosted by nearly 400 colleges and chambers of commerce.

He is the author of six books, including How to Make Performance Evaluations Really Work and his #1 Best Seller, How to Be the Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without.


Passion for training student leaders

“I was a student in the courtroom of Judge Edna Staudt’s Teen Court for three years.  During that time, I experienced what it was like to be a juror, bailiff, defense attorney, and prosecuting attorney.


Judge Staudt has a passion to teach the next generation of leaders about the inner workings of the American judicial system.  My own understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the courtroom was greatly expanded due to her training.”

Alex Hebert, Former Teen Court Volunteer


Alex Hebert excelled in her role as attorney

Alex Hebert
Former Student Lead Attorney

Legal professionals respect Judge Staudt

“As a legal professional, I am incredibly honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to know and to work with Judge Edna Staudt for many years. Professionals


The legal community respects Judge Staudt. Not only is she fair, attentive, and compassionate in the courtroom, her positive influence permeates our community beyond the courtroom doors. She selflessly and tirelessly promotes mentoring and parenting programs, coaches teen leadership development, prepares young men and women to be responsible adults, fights for constitutional rights of ordinary citizens, and speaks for those who have no voice.


“Judge Staudt is a conservative Christian motivated to put her faith into action by serving the members of her community.


“I regard Judge Staudt as an invaluable member of our judiciary.”


Patricia M. Cofty, JD/MBA

Attorney / Mediator


Upholding individual rights

You! And the 200,000+ other residents of Precinct 2 whom Judge Staudt continues to faithfully serve upholding laws protecting individual rights of “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

Mark Collins speaking to teen court

 Defending self-evident truths

Courtroom is classroom

“I learned more about government and the courtroom through Judge Staudt’s Teen Court program than I did anywhere else. Whether you’re a jury member or an attorney, she was always a helpful resource for feedback and questions that I had.  ”  Brandon Chase, Former Teen Court Student Volunteer


Brandon Chase excelled as a Teen Court attorney

Brandon Chase
Former Teen Court
Student Attorney