Judge Staudt volunteers every year with the Shattered Dreams Program.  This program consists of a real life presentation of an accident caused by drunk driving.  It is a combined effort of the law enforcement, fire department, Starflight, funeral home, hospital staff, tow truck company, school personnel, students, and court.

“Every effort is made to make this presentation life-like in hopes students will realize the consequences of driving under the influence, or riding with someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs”  said Judge Staudt.



Judge Staudt not only appears on the scene, but magistrates the driver in the courtroom, admonishing him/her of the seriousness of the offenses.  At the end of the day she meets with the student volunteers who assisted in putting on the program. This debriefing allows her to answer questions and educate students on the law and very real consequences when the law is offended.

“This is another opportunity to teach young people how valuable they are and how one decision can affect so many lives”.

Death? Or Life? Choices matter.