“Judge Edna Staudt’s contributions to our community are even greater than that of being a fair minded and skilled Justice of the Peace. The award winning program she founded and very hands-on administers, Williamson County Teen Court may well be the best vehicle we have ever seen to teach young people what it really means to be a lawyer, a judge, a bailiff, a witness, and a juror.


“The programming and the team of volunteers who support Williamson County Teen Court are carefully cultivated to make certain they set the finest example of competence and dependability for the young people who participate. The students themselves truly know a great deal about the criminal justice and juvenile justice system as well as the court administration system by the time they exit the program.


“This is not a program to just expose young people to a possible career in law; this is a program that educates everyone who participates about what our remarkable system of jurisprudence really means. Because we are a nation of laws, we are a civilized society.

Laura and Robert Penn Fowler, February 11, 2018.

Texas licensed trial lawyers with over one hundred years of Texas licensed attorney experience in Central Texas and most ardent admirers and supporters of Judge Edna Staudt.



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