A JP of the people, by the people, for the people

 A JP of the people, by the people, for the people

Judge Staudt is not an attorney. As Justice of the Peace, she is a judge for the people.


The Texas Constitution of 1876 established the Court of the Justice of the Peace. As Williamson County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Judge Staudt is elected by voters in Precinct 2 to serve 4 year terms.



  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must be 18 or older first day of term
  • Must not have be determined mentally incompetent by a court
  • Must not be a felon
  • Must have been a resident for 12 months in Texas, 6 months in the precinct


Judge Edna Staudt is a lifelong, native Texan and a resident of Precinct 2 for over 28 years. She has sacrificially and selflessly invested in the lives of the citizens in our community, far above and beyond the responsibilities of the office of Justice of the Peace.


In short: She’s competent and she cares. Both in word and deed.



Reason #18 to re-elect Judge Staudt: Competent and respected by law enforcement

” I endorse Judge Staudt for re-election. She and her staff are very competent. Judge Staudt is highly respected by the law enforcement community”. Constable Rick Coffman, Williamson County Precinct 2



Re-elect Judge Staudt

Early Vote beginning Monday, October 22, 2018!

Edna Staudt -Justice of the Peace Voting Locations and Times



Each year senior students from Leander ISD have an opportunity to spend a week with an entity related to their career goals.  Judge Staudt hosts students each year teaching the role of Justice of the Peace. She arranges interviews with prosecutors, constables, deputies, and probation officers to enhance their knowledge of the criminal justice system.  They observe court, visit with professionals, and take a field trip to the Williamson County Jail.

Campaign 2018

When one election cycle ends, another begins.  People could get overwhelmed by all the elections, or they could be glad they have a voice in who will make decisions that affect their lives.  Our freedom to choose our leaders was bought with a heavy price.  It is our duty as Americans to protect and maintain that freedom.  All the signs and advertisements are better than the alternative.

Campaign 2018 is up and running with candidates raising money, supporters, and volunteers.     Soon it will be time to vote again!

Judge Edna Staudt

As my campaign for re-election in 2018 begins I  start with an event at the Cedar Park Recreation Center on April 27th.  Friends and family are all welcome.  We’ll have a great time of fellowship, food, and live music.

It is my desire to continue to serve the people of Williamson County and the great State of Texas.  There are many challenges as Justice of the Peace, however, I look at challenges as opportunities.  Many organizations, individuals, and churches have joined me in meeting those challenges.   A great staff, family, and friends have supported me and I am grateful.  I am blessed.

Thank you for visiting, and come back again!

Judge Edna Staudt


Serving you as Justice of the Peace

Through miscellaneous hearings regarding driving licenses, tow violations, death inquests, weddings, dockets, and much more, I meet thousands of people each year. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, to protect, and defend our community.


I took the oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States and this State with a grave sense of responsibility. It is with pride I serve the citizens of the State of Texas and with great appreciation for our founding fathers that I live and serve in the greatest Republic of the world.

Edna Staudt, Williamson County JP

Judge Edna Staudt
Justice of the Peace Williamson County Precinct 2