Defending and upholding the Constitution

Judge Staudt’s reputation “for being tough but fair” earned her the respect of law enforcement* and ordinary citizens alike. She equally respects those who daily put their lives on the line to preserve your peace, the rule of law, and your rights guaranteed by the Constitution.


Judge Staudt will continue her intense, unrelenting fight to eliminate unjust programs that kick citizens when they are down. One of those is the mis-named and unjust “Texas Driver Responsibility Program”. This scheme was hatched and passed by the Texas Legislature in 2003. Even its lead author, former Representative Mike Krusee, has stated, “I think it’s past time to either revise or repeal the program.”


Judge Staudt publicly called out this tyranny for what it is: “The main problem with this program is the withdrawal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which is the purpose of government. The role of government is to ensure everyone has those liberties.”


Endorsed by law enforcement

Judge Edna Staudt
*Endorsed by the respected
Round Rock Police Officers Association