Judge Staudt has provided an excellent program to Williamson County through Teen Court. I loved being in it during middle and high school, especially serving on the juries and as court clerk. It even provided me an opportunity to begin training others and practice public speaking, both of which have followed me into my professional career.


Teen Court was phenomenal for learning about the judicial system in a visual, hands-on way, taking the topics covered in government class and applying them to peers. As much as it helped me understand what it meant to be a juror and made me feel ready to be the foreman in a jury after I was grown, I think it most helps the defendants who choose to participate in a real jury of their peers and complete community service instead of keeping their ‘mistakes’ on their records.” Emily Estill, Former Student Volunteer

Teen Court Student Juror Jury Foreman Clerk Bailiff Attorney

Emily Estill
Former Student Staff Member