Judge Staudt: A heart for our community

“Judge Staudt has a heart for teens, and for the community as a whole to grow through confronting our failures and mistakes. She has shown this for years through her support of Teen Court and her care for the community in general.


I have personally seen her invest in youth in order to introduce them to the justice system, as well as offer minors a chance to have a clean criminal record through facing their wrong choices in Teen Court, in front of individuals their age.


She is a wise choice for this position, because she will not only uphold the constitution and fight for fairness, but she will personally work hard to effect true change in individuals.” – Laura Peisker, Former Student Volunteer

Laura Peisker - Teen Court Staff

Laura Peisker
Former Student Staff Member


An encourager to youth

“Thanks to Judge Staudt’s training and mentorship through the Teen Court program, I learned about the importance of law enforcement and the legal profession in our community. Judge Staudt always told me that I could do anything I set my mind to; her encouragement and example has helped me achieve my own goals of attending law school and working in politics.


I am grateful to have learned from a strong conservative woman who loves her legal career so early in my life, and for the example she sets. I would not be where I am today without Judge Staudt and Teen Court.” Camille Peeples, Former Student Volunteer

Faithfully devoted to serving families and teens

“Participating in the Williamson County YMCA Teen Court, with Judge Staudt’s encouragement, was absolutely one of the best decisions I made in high school. Teen Court pulled me out of my shell and gave me the confidence to speak in public, to stand for justice, and to engage more deeply with others. I am very thankful for the way Judge Staudt has so faithfully devoted her time and energy to impact the lives of countless young people through the Teen Court program.” Margaret Umstattd, Former Student Volunteer

Margaret Umstattd Presiding Judge

Margaret Umstattd
Former Student Presiding Judge


A leadership coach to students

“Through the Williamson County YMCA Teen Court, I learned the importance of giving each individual the benefit of the doubt. Judge Staudt’s encouragement and coaching aided me not only in Teen Court, but later in life as I took on public relations work, including in the political world. Her leadership has made a significant impact on the lives in this community.” Eliza Adams, Former Student Volunteer

Teen Court Student Bailiff Attorney Presiding Judge

Eliza Adams
Former Student Presiding Judge


Mentoring program makes lasting impact

This week, Judge Staudt experienced the joy of recruiting a former student to be a mentor in her Mentoring Program. The former student had been a troubled truant teenager over ten years ago and is now wanting to make a life-changing impact in the lives of others.


Judge Staudt is grateful for the mentors who invest time with these students. She started this program when she first took office and has witnessed hundreds of lives positively transformed and now living life with purpose. Mentors make a difference.

Mentoring has impact

Mentor Appreciation Banquet


Re-elect Judge Staudt

Early Vote beginning Monday, October 22, 2018!

Edna Staudt -Justice of the Peace Voting Locations and Times


Reason #10 to re-elect Judge Staudt: Positively transforming lives

Judge Staudt will continue to exercise good financial stewardship of your tax dollars in the administration of the Justice of the Peace. She will continue enlisting proven charitable programs that are effective catalysts for transforming lives and giving hope to those who have found themselves on the wrong side of justice.


These mentoring and education programs are staffed by numerous citizen volunteers from our community who share her conservative values and who generously donate their time, talent and resources to coach and assist those in overwhelming circumstances. Her goal is not to grow the size of government. Judge Staudt’s ongoing mission is to enrich the character of our community, through the efficient administration of justice, mercy and neighbor helping neighbor.




Re-elect Judge Staudt

Early Vote beginning Monday, October 22, 2018!

Edna Staudt -Justice of the Peace Voting Locations and Times