The Texas Driver Responsibility Program went into effect in 2003 yet many are still not aware of this Program and more specifically how it will affect them.  The program is also referred to as the Point System, however, there are charges over and above what are assessed by points.


For instance, upon paying a citation for an offense of “No Liability Insurance”, you will not only be charged a fine and fee by the respective court, but the court will then send notice to DPS you have a conviction of “No Liability Insurance”.   DPS will immediately send notice to you at the address they have for your license that a surcharge is now due to them of $250.00 and you must pay an additional $250.00 each year for the next two years, totaling $750.00.  It at any time this fee is past due your license is marked as “Invalid”.


This invalid status is another offense and if stopped by a law enforcement officer you will receive a citation for “Driving While License Invalid”, which will incur a fine and fee from the respective court (up to $500)  and when the court reports this conviction to DPS they will send notice that you owe $250.00 now and another $250.00 each year for two years.  Upon a 2nd charge of DWLI you will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and jailed.  This same scenario happens upon the conviction of “fail to secure child in safety seat” and “no driver’s license”.  It is the law and it is imperative DPS have your current address.

Judge Edna Staudt
Williamson County Precinct 2
Justice of the Peace