A Portrait of Leadership

  Judge Edna Staudt, Williamson County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace, Re-Election Campaign 2013



DSC_2382The 1940s jazzy music filled the quaint Italian restaurant with a classy serenade as friends reunited and the small town chatter permeated the room. The rays from the warm Texas sun peered through the windows and the guests carried their conversation outside.


 It was Leander at its best with neighbors, friends, supporters and public servants of various ages and different backgrounds coming together for a re-election campaign to support a leader in their community—Judge Edna Staudt.  Weaving through the crowds to capture why these guests came out to support the Williamson County Precinct Two Justice of the Peace, gave a glimpse into Edna’s character and personality, showing that she is more than just a political official to this area. She is their friend.


“She’s a servant after God’s own heart. Friend of the friendless. She walks the talk.” –  Cedar Park Police Chaplain Roger Wilson


“Dear friend. Ethical. Christian. Solid. Faithful Woman.” – Amy Clegg (Friend & Supporter)


“Cares about the community that she would give anything. She’s dedicated to the youth. Great woman with family values.” – Shooter Russell, High School Senior (Volunteer)

DSC_2366As she mounted a chair to give her re-election speech, the chatter came to a still, and all eyes turned on Judge Staudt who calmly and whole-heartedly expressed, “It takes all of you to make my office what it is.” Involved politically for 30 years and serving Williamson County as Justice of the Peace for nineteen years, running now for her sixth term, Edna has become a staple figure in this community. Doris McDonald, President of the Williamson County African American Chamber of Commerce, described Staudt as “Consistent. Ethical. Dedicated Community Servant.” Jennifer Stratton, a supporter and friend, expressed: “Edna is a dear friend and fabulous judge. And, I am delighted to give my personal endorsement.”


It was evident that those in attendance felt a personal connection to Edna. Their laudable statements proved genuine and sincere. Their connection to her came from personal experience. Michell Cantwell, Leander City Council Member Place 4, stated: “Impeccable. Integrity. Honesty. Transparent. Epitome of what a great public servant should be.”



While Edna spoke to the crowd, thanking them for their support, she relayed a short story that summed up why the community respected her. Staudt mentioned a lady who once thanked Edna placing her in jail. As the crowd chuckled in response to the thought of someone being thankful for a jail record, Edna went on to explain why. This action, fair and necessary, placed the individual on the right track, eventually leading to the lady asking Staudt to perform her wedding ceremony. This was the point. This is why the public admires Edna. Staudt truly cares about people. She is not concerned about making a name for herself or using others to gain power; she cares about doing what is right, fair, honest and good. This is why these guests came from all walks of life to celebrate with Edna. Not because she is a celebrity or popular, but because she is trustworthy, consistent and genuine.

If words could paint a picture like colors illustrate the portraits of revered leaders, letters would sketch the image of a humble and confident woman who bears the robes of justice. These powerful words express the essence of her character—a woman who has gained the trust of her community and respects this position with meekness and honor.

“Delightful Christian lady. She doesn’t mind showing it.” – Wanda A. (Friend)


“Forgiving. Loving. Very consistent.” – Mr. Randy Staudt (Husband)


 “I wholeheartedly support Judge Staudt, knowing her personally and professionally. She always goes the extra mile to help the individual do excellence in the task at hand. She is someone you can fully trust.” – Lori DeVillez, Executive Director of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center


“Dedicated. Honorable. Servant.” – Cynthia Umstattd (Supporter)


“Driven. Hard-working. Caring.” – Chad Wilson, High School Senior (Volunteer)



“Compassionate. Energetic. Devoted.” – Bonnie Lowe (Sister)

“Responsible. Generous.” – Crofts Morrow, 8th Grade Student (Volunteer)

“Fair Judge.” – Genc Krasniqi (Luigi’s Ristorante Italiano Owner)

“Edna Staudt is one of the very best legal professionals I have had the pleasure to work with.  As a licensed real estate broker, I have interacted with several of the finest attorneys in the State.  I have participated in several legal proceedings to include military courts – while on active duty as a member of the Air Force.  Judge Staudt is at the top of my list in representing the highest standards of jurist prudence.  She possesses an innate ability to resolve legal conflicts by efficiently and effectively uncovering the truth.


As a judge, Edna Staudt manages the legal process effortlessly.  She knows the law, and is efficient and effective at moving cases forward to resolution. Her commitment to the law is unquestioned, and I can honestly say I have yet to meet a finer leader in a courtroom.” – Tony Romero, Broker/Owner of Serendipity Consulting Service, LLC


“As you may be aware, for over 18 years Judge Edna Staudt has faithfully served not only the residents in Williamson County Precinct 2, but also citizens throughout Williamson County and Texas with her tireless volunteer activities.  Justices of the Peace and Teen Court programs throughout Texas hold her in high esteem and reference her court and numerous volunteer, faith-based programs as a standard worthy of emulating.” – Don and Karen Stroud (Friends and Supporters)